Meet Bella.
She's here to help.

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We are in a new era of helping, connecting and inspiring.

Born of the quarantine era, meet Bella, your Kiwi guide to these uncertain times.

Helping people in business navigate the new environment, with up-to-date COVID-19 guidance, enabling resources from multiple business sources and inspiration from leading thinkers across all walks of life.

Bella is part of your community as we work together in this unprecedented era of change. Every day she’s discovering what it is that’s making Kiwis exceptional in this time.

Bella is brought to you by Soul Machines, an astonishing AGI company whose unparalleled Autonomous Animation platform allows the world to leverage the full capabilities and goodness of human and machine collaboration in a responsive, relatable and unprecedented way, based right here in NZ.

If you are interested in Soul Machines Digital People, check out how we built a digital twin of in the groundbreaking YouTube documentary series The Age of AI – and some of our pioneering work in artificial general intelligence technology.

As we enter a new era of unprecedented change, Bella is just one of the many ways in which Digital People will augment human capability across a number of industries.

You can learn more about Digital Humans at, and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the #meetbella hashtag .

We’re here to help make information more experiential.

We hope you will visit Bella again soon. 

About Bella.

Bella is distinctively a digital Kiwi that can answer the key questions on everyone’s mind.

Bella is brought to life by Soul Machines and their world-leading Autonomous Animation Platform, featuring a patented Digital Brain, making her personality friendly and human-like. She can handle anything from delivering critical, ever-changing information and guidance in a crisis to service case closure in business.

Here are a few facts about how Bella can help:

  • She is available 24 X 7.

  • Zero wait times due to Infinite and rapid scalability.

  • Enables your people resources to focus on the most difficult and challenging questions and cases.

  • Economical – saving money, time and frustration, unlike help desks, call centers and one-dimensional chatbots.

  • Constantly learning and adapting – she connects to constantly updating information and data making her very smart.

  • Can easily stream to any mobile or device from the Cloud.

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